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Cluster Headache

The least common of the headache types, cluster headaches recur over a period of time called the cluster period. This means that a person suffering from cluster headaches may have a headache several times per day during the cluster period which may last several weeks or even months. Most people diagnosed with cluster headaches are under age thirty, and most have periods of up to years where there are no clusters at all.

Common Symptoms

  • recurring periods often the same time each year (with a new season)
  • affects one side of the head, often behind or around one eye
  • may be preceded by a migraine-like aura and nausea
  • severe pain awakening sufferer in the night a couple of hours after going to bed
  • pain usually peaks 5 to 10 minutes after onset and continues at that intensity for up to 3 hours
  • cluster pain can be 100 times more severe than migraine pain red, tearing eyes
  • nasal congestion and discharge